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About Us

For over 15 years, the Electrical Energy Training Group (EETG) Ltd., and its team of qualified instructors, have been providing classroom-based and hands-on electrical safety training services to the electrical utility/energy industry of British Columbia. 

Specializing in BC Hydro's Power System Safety Protection (PSSP), Work Protection Practices (WPP), SAFE-401: Limits of Approach for Qualified Electrical Workers, Chainsaw Safety Training, and Electrical Safety Awareness, our mission is to provide our clients with the essential knowledge required to promote and improve safety on the job, and adhere to industry standard procedures (BC Hydro and WorkSafe BC) when working near electrical hazards. 

Our clients include: BC Hydro employees, BC Hydro contractors, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) General Trades Workers, and First Responders of British Columbia, Canada.

Our Electrical Safety Awareness for Trades Workers (ESTW) and Electrical Safety Awareness for First Responders (ESFR) information sessions are provided FREE through sponsorship by BC Hydro. These courses are critical in keeping trades workers and first responders safe when potentially encountering dangerous high voltage, such as overhead, underground or downed power lines. 


View our list of training programs to see what we have to offer! 


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