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Where can I find your training schedule?

Please click here for our PSSP, WPP, and SAFE-401 training schedule. If you would like to schedule a FREE Electrical Safety Awareness course for your trades workers or first responders, please complete the contact form on this page

What is the cost for training?

PSSP and WPP - costs are outlined on our registration form
SAFE - 401 - $500.00 + GST per person

Electrical Safety Awareness - FREE 

Where is the training held?

All of our PSSP, WPP, and SAFE-401 courses are held at our office in Langley, unless otherwise noted on our course schedule

Electrical Safety Awareness training would be held at your facility, or virtually. 

Does EETG offer training elsewhere in BC?

We do not run regularly scheduled training elsewhere in BC, however our instructors travel anywhere in Canada - we have a minimum requirement of 6 people (or charge for 6 people) to book a group session, and you would be responsible for the instructor's travel costs. Submit a group booking request, or give us a call at 604-427-4200.

How long is my training valid for?

PSSP and WPP training is valid for two (2) years, and requires renewal upon expiry, if you are still working on a BC Hydro project. SAFE-401 training does not expire, and we keep all hardcopy records, and electronic records safely stored on our cloud.  Electrical Safety Awareness training does not expire, but is recommended to renew every two (2) years. 

Do I receive a certificate after my training?

Training record wallet cards are provided at the end of PSSP and WPP training. These cards do not certify you to work on a BC Hydro jobsite; they are only an indicator that you have completed the required training.  After your training is complete, your results will be entered into a BC Hydro database, whereby your BC Hydro Authorizing Manager must authorize your results. At that point, you will be authorized to go to work. 
There are no certificates given for in-person Electrical Safety Awareness

Can I take PSSP, WPP, or SAFE-401 training online or virtually?

This training cannot be delivered virtually.
BC Hydro offers online training for PSSP / WPP renewals only. Please reach out to your BC Hydro Authorizing Manager to see if you are eligible for online training. 

Can I take Electrical Safety Awareness training online or virtually?

Yes! Our instructors can deliver Electrical Safety for Trades Workers or First Responders virtually. Please complete this form to arrange. 

BC Hydro also offers both courses through their online training platform - visit their site, or follow the link to take the course online.

I don't know which categories of PSSP/WPP training I need - who should I ask?

EETG is not able to provide direction on which PSSP or WPP categories you require. If you are unsure what training you need to take for your project/work, please inquire with your BC Hydro Contract Representative, Authorizing Manager, or project manager.
You must have a contract, or be working as a subcontractor of a company that has a contract, with BC Hydro in order to take this training.  

How do I find out who my BC Hydro Authorizing Manager is?

You must have a BC Hydro Authorizing Manager in order to take PSSP, WPP or SAFE-401 training. If you don't know who your Authorizing Manager is, please ask your BC Hydro Contract Representative, or project manager. Note: not all Managers at BC Hydro are Authorizing Managers. 
You must have a contract, or be working as a subcontractor of a company that has a contract, with BC Hydro in order to take this training.  

Does EETG offer NERC CIP Training?

EETG does not provide NERC CIP Training. This course is offered online through BC Hydro directly - please reach out to your BC Hydro Authorizing Manager, or Project Manager to set your workers up for this training, if you require it. 

Does EETG offer any other courses not listed?

Yes - we do! We offer additional courses through our sister company, Electrical Industry Training Institute (EITI) Global. Please visit our programs page on our EITI website for more information. 

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